Everyone's Looking At You


We are the dmajor Project


The d mAjor  project is a 4 member collaboration who's mission is deconstruction  of song : accompanied  with improvisation, rich texture, and unbridled affection for the music a new piece is created.


Jon Bates a jazz producer/ engineer and drummer decided to come out of the woodwork and with singer Deb Major form this New York based quartet. They teamed up with highly in demand Brooklynite Pianist, composer, singer Akie Bermiss and guitarist/composer, producer Ken McGloin to complete their vision. After a 6 month residency at Harlem's then jazz club (aka Italian restaurant) Settepani's, the band honed their skill creating an improvisational music that is boundless but with form.

Shortly after in the summer of 2015 in a well hidden studio in upstate NY , the d mAjor project started recording Everybody's Looking at You,  (they brought their dogs with them, you can hear 'em talking  if you listen close) the official release is fall 2016. The material draws from the 1920's to present but this groove based sonic adventure defies genre and is a music to be experienced by all. 



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